Sauna & Steam bath

Finnish Sauna

Finnish Sauna is one of the most popular sauna types in Germany. With this system, water is poured over the stove, producing steam and further raising increasing the temperature. Steam and heat reflects agaisntagainst the wooden walls and ceiling. Our Sauna cabins are equipped with three wood benches. The benches are located at different levels and each level represents an individual temperature zone (the highest bench is the hottest). The air humidity ranges between 10 and 30%.

  • At the third and highest bench:  the air temp ranges between 80 and 95 degrees
  • At the middle bench:  the air temp ranges between 70 and 80 degrees
  • At the first and lowest bench:  the air temp ranges between 60 and 70 degrees

Air humidity can be enhanced using sauna hot stones or water mixed with essential oils. 

Salarium (Salt Sauna)

Soothing radiant heat with salt inhalation

Soothing heat combination with the pleasant light of the backlit rock salts create a pleasant atmosphere to make your stay in the salt sauna more pleasant and relaxing. Natural salt is periodically pressure-sprayed into the cabin by means of the special salt atomisers. The salt mist in the cabin provides a beachside climate that is very beneficial to the skin and respiratory organs. The salt walls and fountain enhance this wellness climate.

The temperature in the cabin is approx. 45 °C and the optimal stay time is 20–30 minutes.

Caldarium (hot bath) and Tepidarium (roman warm bath)

At Aquella we combine these two different types of sauna in one large room.

The Caldarium is a hot radiant heat bath at low air temperature.

The caldarium (hot room) can get to temperatures of nearly 50 °C and is very humid.  The maximum stay time in the Caldarium is 30 minutes.

The Tepidarium is also a radiant heat bath but in this case the bath temperature does not exceed the body temperature, that is approx. 40 °C. The Romans used these places as transit areas from hot to cold bathing rooms.

The maximum stay time here cannot exceed 30 minutes.

Infrared cabin

This is a type of sweat bath where the participants are exposed to hot infrared rays only. Differently than for traditional saunas, the internal climate of the cabin is very crucial

Participants are allowed to stay in the relaxing heat of the infrareds for a time of 15-20 minutes.

Steam bath

One of the highlights of Aquella Sauna landscape is the steam bath with its artificial sky and stars, granite benches and scented fragrances.

Steam bathing was practiced by the ancient Greeks. Steam baths are very pleasant sweat baths with similar effects as saunas. The temperature of a steam bath ranges between 40 and 55°C with an air humidity of about 80-100%. The typical steam bath climate is obtained by releasing oversaturated water steam using a boiler. The combination of heat and humidity has a beneficial relaxing, cleansing, detoxifying and rejuvenating effect. Steam baths are especially recommended for people with illness of the respiratory organs.