Is the swing safe and the wave machine properly operating?  At Aquella's this and much more is consistently monitored by the safety staff. The start controlling, checking and testing at 05:30 am to make sure that all facilities are safely and properly operating. This daily early-morning safety round is an established concept of the Safety Philosophy of Ansbach Pools and Traffic Society "Bäder und Verkehrs GmbH". 

“We fully implement the provisions and the recommendations of the local Pools and Traffic Society“, states Helmut Leindecker of Aquella. This involves a daily check of all indoor and outdoor facilities "which is done - of course - before the opening time and the admission of the guests". Additionally we undergo an overall control of the TÜV once a year.

Before the start of every new season, the pool is thoroughly inspected by the German Public Health Authorities (Gesundheitsamt). Among others, the status of all first-aid and rescue installations as well as the emergency case is accurately controlled. "The Emergency Case contains a life-saving kit to be used by first-aid doctors in case of any acute illness, injury or intoxication, explains Leindecker.

Numerous coin-operated (2 Euro deposit) lockers are available free-of-charge to protect your belongings from the risk of being stolen. The locker keys are provided with a wristband that can be conveniently worn even when swimming in the pools. However, "jewels and valuables should be preferably left in the car or at home" - explains Mr. Leindecker.

Aquella employees are all trained lifeguards
and the swimming pools are watched permanently. Kids must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. Leindecker's special tips: “Kids under 6 should wear inflatable floats (armbands) at all times, even on poolside areas. This is to prevent drowning in case of an accidental fall into the water!”


All staff can be easily identified by their yellow tees and blue pants.