A walk with a pool-attendant

Daniel Schramm, Aquella staff member works on the nice setting of Ansbach landscape 

In winter, it is still very dark when we start to work. Shortly before six in the morning, Daniel Schramm enters the water park through a side gate. For this swimming-pool specialist - better known as Pool Attendant - every day is challenging and he always starts his day in a good mood.

What's on so early in the morning? “A great deal! We must get ready for the early visitors“, explains Daniel. First of all, he makes his way to the main entry, to let the cleaning staff in. Today, the fireplace room, tepidarium, caldarium, infra-red cabin and salarium will require a good deal of work since they were intensely used the day before.

Daniel also picked-up a note from the Security Office. The note was left by his colleague who worked the last shift and says:
“Good morning Daniel, I cleaned the window up there, on the swimming-pool with the new cleanser.  Will you please come over this morning, so that we can do the same down there at the wave pool!? Bye, Sascha.“

Daniel will keep this job in mind. However, the first thing he needs to do is to inspect the entire pool.  The Security Office is mainly used for administration purposes.  Here, for instance, Aquella staff checks the lists of the pool opening times for schools and associations, the loss-and-found documents, the duty/shift schedules and so on.

Morning inspection round
But this is all to standby, because the entire facility must be thoroughly checked before the first visitors arrive.  “We fully implement the provisions and the recommendations of the local Pools and Traffic Society“, states Helmut Leindecker, Aquella’s Manager. Safety is number one for us, and we always give it maximum priority. As Daniel detected no risk areas, he now has time to take care of what moves the entire pool: water.

Everything looks fine. But looking fine is not enough, of course.  That's why the so-called water parameters  – i.e. temperature, pH and chlorine concentration (used for disinfecting the pool water) - are assessed at periodical time intervals. However, we do not see much of Daniel walking around the pool with buckets. At this point, a walk to the measuring station is the next item on his check-list. Here, a whole lot of tiny water pipes deliver water from all pools.

Beginner training
Meanwhile, it is 7 a.m. already: time for beginners and trainees!  Daniel wonders, who should be assigned to which position to ensure efficient operation of the whole facility.  Moreover, he is to make sure that new, junior beginners get to train through all areas and acquire extensive familiarity. This includes training on swimming pool technology, cleaning, pay cash duties, inspection and customer service as well as administration.

They will never get bored here. This is for sure, says Schramm out of his own experience.  “They start early and get a lot of work done!” This includes the back-cleaning of the individual filters and the maintenance/repair of the pumps, the operation of the automatic cashes, the monitoring of the facility and the execution of swimming courses.

He's always there for bathers!
From 9:30 a.m. onwards, Daniel will be there mainly for the pool visitors: to take care of their requirements and to prevent accidents.  In the event of an accident, he is to provide first-aid and call a rescue service.

As the shift manager, Daniel is also responsible for the overall operation of the pool facility, coordination of the inspection and patrolling staff, the supply of sauna hot stones and periodical inspection rounds. In addition to all of this, the xx year old man needs to keep monitoring the water quality and the technical plants. Baby Paul then, wants to play the sea-horse every once in a while, and  Daniel will take care.

Shift change at 3 p.m.
It is about 2:30 p.m. and his colleague Sascha Lauer takes over.  The xx year old has just completed a 3-year training course as Pool Technical Staff with block sessions in Lindau Berufsschule.

Daniel and Sascha quickly discuss how he passed his exams that also demanded some swimming skills. And of course, the one who leaves duty informs the other one about everything that happened at the work place, which is also an entertaining and relaxing place as well as a chance for visitors to forget the stress of their daily routine.