A natural boost for your health: sweating makes your body stronger and is good for your mind.

Millions of sauna enthusiasts in Germany are living proof of the lasting value that the sauna can give you. Regular saunas are healthy practice for both body and mind. Eperts agree on this statement and have provided sound evidence. 

The basic concept of sweat baths is the consistent alternation of warm and cool-off cycles.  During the warming cycle, the body temperature increases to approximately 38°C while the skin can heat up to over 40 degrees. The blood vessels expand, the muscles relax, and the body releases beneficial cells (the so-called killer cells) against the action of viruses and bacteria.

This enhances the body’s immune system and makes people, who regularly go to a sauna, nearly unaffected by colds and chills. Additionally, the cooling off after each steaming cycle enhances the blood vessels. Regular sauna use promotes a normal blood pressure. The autonomic nervous system and organs, assigned to the production of some important hormones, will positively react to the alternate warm and cold cycles.  Sweating reduces body and mental stress, which is surely supported by the sharing of the sauna experience with other like-minded individuals.

Aquella Sauna Landscape:


  • Sauna cabin
  • Warm foot bath
  • Guest lounge with open fireplace
  • Caldarium (mild steam and inhalation baths)
  • Tepidarium (thermal couches to release the body’s toxins and relax the muscles)
  • Salarium (Finnish sauna)
  • Infrared cabin


  • two large outdoor saunas
  • Sauna garden
  • Shower with conch limestone enclosures complete with flood shower   
  • Stainless steel diving pool


Long sauna night

On the last Friday of the month in the winter (except for during banking holidays), a long sauna night takes place and lasts to 1 a.m. of the following day.

How To Bath in a Finnish Sauna

If you think that a Finnish Sauna entails taking your coat off,  sitting on the bench, sweating and going home, you are absolutely wrong.  If you want to maximize the beneficial effects that the sauna has on your body and mind, some basic rules must be observed. To get the most out of the sauna, you will need:
Before taking the sauna:

  • Start by taking a shower and then scrub your body with a clean towel to dry it.  A steam bath is an ideal body preparation to open the pores of the skin.  Experts recommend taking a 15-minute shower and then a 15- minute rest.
  • A warm footbath before entering the sauna will help open the blood vessels. This is very important if you are a beginner or subject to profuse sweating.

During the sauna:

  • Enjoying a sauna is a personal thing, you should always listen to your body and do as you feel best to decide how long you can stay in there.  The average stay time is 8-15 minutes.
  • Sauna hot stones enhance sweating and, therefore the cleansing detoxification effect. The same is true for use of a damp cloth to wipe your skin in order to tone up the body, to promote blood flow.
  • Since blood pressure is lowered you need to be careful of sudden movement in the sauna and when you leave the sauna. When lying down be sure to get up gradually to avoid that light headed feeling and the chance of falling. You should sit up for at least two minutes before you leave.

After the sauna:

  • Take another soft shower to cool down. The quick change in temperature from splashing on cold water or a dive in a cold-water pool will quickly constrict the blood vessels. 
  • Finally, the classic sauna experience entails taking a dip in the pool or a footbath afterwards to re-open your blood vessels, return to the sauna and repeat the process.  At the end, you should rest properly for 15-30 minutes before taking your next sauna session.

In accordance to the German Sauna Association, three sauna sessions are the minimum requirement for a healthy physical benefit. Read more: by visiting in the Internet.