Relax and Calmness

Guest lounge

The guest lounge on the first floor was recently refurbished with an open fireplace and allows our guests an opportunity to relax a couple of hours between treatments.  

The guest lounge offers a quiet place to unwind while enjoying the soothing view of the fireplace absolutely free of charge for the guests.  A pleasant atmosphere, comfortable lounge chairs and the open fireplace are the perfect choice for group gatherings or to meet other sauna enthusiasts.

The pleasant warmth and inviting illumination of this room filled with sofas, chairs and couches as well as the adjacent self-service area of Aquella Inns attract participants to stay and relax.

Relaxation room

Places of undisturbed peacefulness where calmness rules, have become very rare to find. Aquella Sauna Landscape includes a Relaxation room on the ground floor where you can "switch-off" after a long and stressful day.  The best place to take a nap, read your favourite book or simply enjoy a short break: Let your dreams come true in Aquella relaxation room. Make yourself comfortable...

Foot bath

To get your feet warmer or cooler, separate baths are available (warm and cold water foot bath). The temperature of a foot bath water is the source of a beneficial stimulation that triggers a body response at blood vessel, metabolism and muscular system levels in terms of enhanced blood flow, purification and general relaxation.

SB Sauna café

Enjoy fresh fruit free-of-charge, a cool drink or coffee specialties at our café or near our fireplace in a cosy atmosphere.

Don't miss the chance to complete your wellness program at Aquella Sauna landscape by visiting Aquella restaurant adjacent the open-air pool. Mr. Breyer and his team are ready to welcome you with a broad selection of different food. The restaurant has great food and great drinks for all tastes!