General terms and conditions for online orders at Ansbacher Bäder und Verkehrs GmbH

§1 Application scope
These terms and conditions are full and integral part of any agreement entered with us on our  homepage by performing any online purchase transaction with Ansbacher Bäder und Verkehrs GmbH.

§2 Contract validity
The agreement becomes fully valid and binding when you receive the email confirmation of your transaction from Ansbacher Bäder und Verkehrs GmbH.

§3 Offers/Prices
All offers are subject to confirmation. Please always check the validity time of our online specials and offers. All our prices are included the applicable VAT rates.

§4 Cancellation right
Within 2 weeks from a  purchase, you may draw back from your contract without stating the reason for cancellation. Cancellations must be notified in writing  (i.e. by post mail or e-mail) or simply by returning the items bought. The two-week term starts on receipt of this advice but no sooner than the delivery of the items bought at your destination and of the full execution of our obligations to §§ 312c, section 2, 312 and 1, paragraph 1 of the German Civil Code and §§ 1 and 3 of BGB-InfoV. Cancellations will require for validity a written timely notification or the return of the items bought. Please send your cancellation notices/returned items to:  Ansbacher Bäder und Verkehrs GmbH, Rügländer Str. 1a, 91522 Ansbach or
All services/items already supplied up to a valid cancellation date must be returned by the parties to each other.  Should you be in no position to return a cancelled service/item in full or in the original conditions, you will be required to pay Ansbacher Bäder und Verkehrs GmbH an equivalent compensation fee.  This does not apply for items, whose extent of wear/degrade could have been detected by a simple visual inspection as in any retail shop real conditions.  To avoid any obligations to reimbursement or loss-value compensations, make sure to handle all items with utmost care and refrain from any use likely to damage them. All costs for returning a cancelled order are on the purchaser's charge. No right of cancellation applies, after a service execution has been started with your express consent before the end of the cancellation term or if so explicitly required by you (for instance, instance by starting a download or redeeming a voucher, etc....).

§5 Payment/Delivery

Every time we receive an order, we send an email confirmation to the buyer. The amount due will be then charged on the stated account. Orders will be promptly shipped strictly after receipt of the payments.

§6 Data Safety
Your personal data are strictly required, saved and processed in our system for the  following-up of your orders.  The processing of confidential information is subject to the harmonised data safety rules of the German Privacy Law (BDSG) and Remote Service Protection Act (TMG).

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