Vouchers & pre-paid cards


Would you like to make a friend or a colleague happy? An Aquella voucher is always a perfect gift! Vouchers are accepted everywhere regardless if they are for the waterpark and the rides, for the Sauna or the outdoor pool. Vouchers are available in denominations of 10, 20 and 30 Euro.

Pre-paid cards

If you are one of our special Aquella enthusiasts then our pre-paid cards are exactly what you need! With a prepaid card you can save up to 17%. This means pay less money for even more fun!This is how it works:  You pay for a 100 or  50 Euro card and you can visit the waterpark and the pools up to a total admission value of 120 or 55 euros.Of course though we have something for occasional patrons too.  This is why we made the prepaid card to last 5 years. Moreover, the prepaid card can be transferred. So, for instance, mothers can use it in the early mornings before they go to work while their children can use it later in the afternoon.

Aquella prepaid cards oder vouchers can be purchased at the cashiers' or through the following order form. 

Purchase order information:

Fill out the form here below and send it back to us.  You will receive an email confirmation with our bank details that you can use to wire transfer the amount you wish to credit on your card /voucher. As soon as we receive your transfer, we will send the voucher or the prepaid card to your address.


If the link above isn‘t there, please write an email to info@freizeitbad-aquella.de to approve the purchase of these articles.


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