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House Rules

Dear bath and sauna guest, with purchase of a ticket you accept our house rules. Enclosed you will find the document to read and download. 

I. General Rules

§ 1 Purpose of these House Rules

The following house rules ensure the safety, organization and cleanliness of the pool facilities.

§ 2 Mandatory House Rules

  1. These house rules are mandatory for all pool guests.
  2. By purchasing an admission ticket, all guests expressly accept these house rules along with all other regulations that ensure safe and orderly pool operation. 
  3. Aquella staff and other authorized persons are responsible for operating the pool facilities and their instructions must be followed at all times. Guests who violate these house rules may be expelled from the facilities. Moreover, pool management or authorized persons reserve the right to refuse guests admittance to the facilities. Admission fees will not be refunded in these cases. 
  4. Guests are additionally required to comply with specific rules for special parts of the facility, including solariums, restaurant and snack bar areas, swimming pools and related equipment such as water slides, massage jets, Adventure River, wave pools, etc. 

§ 3 Guests

  1. There are restrictions for general admission. However, access is limited in certain areas.
  2. All guests require valid admission before entering the respective area of these facilities. 
  3. Individuals who are unable to get about safely or who may pose a danger to themselves or others due to physical or mental disabilities may only use the facilities when accompanied by a responsible person. 
  4. Access is denied to persons
    – who are under the influence of intoxicating substances,
    – who are accompanied by pets,
    – who suffer from communicable diseases, lesions or open wounds,
    – who intend to use the pool for commercial purposes or any other reasons other than those normally associated with facilities of this kind.
  5. All guests must be especially careful due to the increased risk of accidents in and around pools that may arise as a result of wet and/or soapy floor surfaces. Therefore, always exercise extreme caution. Non-slip bathing shoes are recommended. 

§ 4 Opening Hours, Facilities and Pricing

  1. The opening hours and the valid price list are published on the notice board and are an integral part of these house rules. 
  2. There are special admission requirements and opening hours for certain facilities (e.g. baby pool, women's sauna). 
    Guests must comply with reservation rules for certain areas and facilities. Information on the type and scope of reservations is provided at the entrance to the facility. 
  3. Guests are not entitled to discounts or refunds should access to certain areas or facilities be limited temporarily. 
  4. Admission is non-refundable.
  5. Check to ensure you have received the right change immediately upon entry. Later claims will not be accepted.

§ 5 Rules of Conduct

  1. Guests must always conduct themselves properly and refrain from any behavior that endangers safety and efficiency or disturbs other guests. Improper public displays of affection are prohibited. 
  2. Different rules of attire apply in different pool areas. These rules are posted in the respective areas. 
  3. Street shoes and strollers are not permitted in barefoot contact areas. 
  4. Guests are not permitted to use music instruments, audio or video players or media of any other kind (e.g. cell phones) if and when they may cause a disturbance to other bathers. 
  5. The use of cameras, camera phones, video recorders or any other devices that can be used to take photos and/or record video is strictly prohibited in the nude areas. Filming and photographing any persons without their consent is legally prohibited. 
  6. All guests must shower thoroughly before bathing. Shaving, nail cutting, hair coloring and similar activities are strictly prohibited. 
  7. Food and beverages may only be consumed in designated areas. Guests are not permitted to consume food and beverages brought from home in the restaurant and snack bar areas. 
  8. Guests may not bring breakable containers (e.g. glass or ceramic) onto the premises. 
  9. Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed pool areas and in the designated non-smoking areas. 
  10. Guests are not permitted to reserve lounge chairs. Staff is required to clear reserved lounge chairs if necessary. 
  11. Lost items must be returned to the pool staff and will be handled in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. 
  12. Guests may only use changing room lockers and/or compartments for storing valuables for the duration of their admission. Availability may be limited. After closing, all lockers and compartments will be opened and emptied of any remaining contents if necessary. Any items found will be treated as lost property. 
  13. Any accidents that take place in the pool area must be reported to pool staff immediately. Misuse of the alarm system will be prosecuted. 

II. Pool rules

§ 6 Purpose and Use of the Swimming and Bathing Pools

Swimming and bathing pools are intended to promote the health, physical fitness and well-being of guests. Different conditions (e.g. water temperature, pool design, and water depth) dictate the intended use.

§ 7 Guests

Children under seven (7) years of age may only enter indoor and outdoor pools when accompanied by a responsible person. 

§ 8 Conduct in Pool Area

  1. Use of the swimming and bathing pools requires special consideration for other bathers. 
  2. Contamination of water in swimming and bathing pools is prohibited. All guests must shower toroughly before bathing. 
  3. Guests are prohibited from jumping, diving, pushing or throwing others in from the sides of the swimming and bathing pools. 
  4. General bathing attire is required outside of the nude areas.

§ 9 Special Facilities, Water Treatment

  1. Special safety measures must be observed when using diving boards, slides and wave pools.
  2. Divers use diving boards at their own risk and must wait for permission from attendants before use. Divers must ensure that no one is swimming the diving area before diving. Only one person is permitted on the diving board (including the ladder) at a time. Bathers are not permitted to remain in the diving area when the diving board is open for use. 
  3. Guests are only allowed to use the slides when permitted to do and must always maintain a safe distance. Safety instructions must be observed at all times. Bathers are not permitted to remain in the landing area of the slide. 
  4. When the wave machine is in operation the wave pool may only be accessed from the shallow end. 

III. Sauna Rules 

§ 10 Purpose and Use of the Sauna

  1. The sauna area is intended to promote the health and well-being of guests. 
  2. Sauna Association recommendations must be observed when using the sauna. These recommodations are available from the pool management.
  3. The sauna facility is a nude area.

§ 11 Conduct in the Sauna Area

  1. Guests must be nude when using the sauna cabins.
  2. Guests are discouraged from engaging in exercise while in the sauna.
  3. Guests in sauna and warm air cabins must always sit on a towel that is large enough to ensure that no part of their body comes in contact with the wooden benches. Wooden surfaces must never be contaminated with perspiration. 
  4. For hygienic reasons, guests must also use seat cushions/towels in ceramic and plastic steam rooms and warm air cabins. Clean seating areas with the hoses provided.
  5. Technical installations (e.g. heating elements, lighting fixtures, sauna heaters, including safety grilles and temperature sensors) must never be covered by any objects.
  6. For your own safety, remove bathing shoes before entering sauna or steam room cabins. 
  7. As a courtesy, always refrain from loud conversations, brushing and scratching or scraping perspiration off of your skin. Do not bring anything into the sauna cabins except for a towel. 
  8. After using the sauna, shower off any perspiration before using the cold water pool or any other pool or bathing facilities. 
  9. Guests in the relaxation room must remain quiet and behave with consideration for others. 
  10. Always wear a robe or a dry towel that covers the length of your body when using the lounge chairs. 
  11. Guests must wear the wristbands they were issued upon admission at all times.

§ 12 Special Instructions 

  1. Individuals with health concerns should consult with their physician before using the sauna to determine any possible risks. 
  2. In general, special conditions exist in saunas and other steam rooms, such as higher temperatures, dimmed lighting, multi-level steps and benches and various sources of heat. These conditions require sauna users to exercise special caution. 
  3. Only members of staff are permitted to perform infusions.

IV. Liability

§ 13 General Liability for Damages

  1. Guests use the pools and all related facilities at their own risk. The operator is only responsible for ensuring that the pools and all related facilities are in proper working order. With the exception of damages resulting from injury to life, limb and health, the operator and its staff are only liable in cases of intentional or gross negligence or breach of obligation, the fulfillment of which makes proper execution of the contract possible and the observance of which the contract partners may regularly rely upon (i.e. cardinal obligations). For the remainder, liability for damages of any kind is excluded. The same applies to vehicles parked in the facility's parking area. In particular, the operator is not liable for force majeure or any other unforeseeable events or for defects that arise or remain undetected even after exercising due caution.
  2. The provision of lockers and/or compartments for storing valuables does not constitute an obligation for safekeeping on the part of the operator. Guests are responsible for closing any lockers or compartments used and, in particular, ensuring that they are locked and that the keys are kept safe. No liability claims may be made for money and valuables that are not stored in the compartments or for loss of or damage to clothing items. Lost-and-found items will only be returned to their rightful owners. 
  3. A lump sum will be charged in the event of loss of an admission ticket, locker or compartment keys/chips for the payment system. The respective amounts are indicated in the valid price list. 

V. Exceptions

These house rules apply to general operation of the waterpark and sauna facilities. For special occasions and events, attendants may permit exceptions to these house rules without the need for suspending them entirely.