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Pools and Attractions

Pool for swimmers

For our guests who are ambitious in sports there is a 50 meter long pool. Overall, the eight lanes with starting blocks offer optimal conditions for your personal records. Of course you can enjoy the sunshine by swimming comfortably.

Pool for swimmers

Climbing wall and slackline

The climbing wall which is seven meters long with a climbing height of about five meters is located within our diving set-up. The blue, red and black climbing grips mark the levels of difficulty. We also offer the possibility to use our climbing pool for slackline activities.

Note: Climbing is only possible while diving set-up and slackline are closed. During slackline activities the climbing set-up and climbing wall are closed.

Climbing wall

Children’s pool

The new children’s pool is an addition to the existing pool landscape. With a boat canal and a slide the small children can start their exploring tour.  A fence provides a barrier towards the deeper tanks.


Childrens pool

Children’s playground

New play equipment and shadowing is available at our children’s playground as well.

Childrens pool